Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Madinaguda

Stretch Marks are these random scar that develops when our skin expands suddenly. It could be due to Growth spurt usually seen in young adults during their sudden growth, or most commonly seen in pregnant women. In such cases the skin looses its elasticity due to the rupture of the collagen and elastin which support our skin. When they first appear they might be red, pink, purple or dark brown depending on the skin color, which can be itchy. over a period of time the raised scars leaves stretched skin feeling bumpy and with wide or narrow streaks.

Treatment for Strech Marks:

At O'Skin, we use advanced Fractional laser to treat Strech Marks. Which is one the safest and most effective in treating stretch marks. This helps in stimulating the collagen production and improve almost all types of stretch marks and scars.

This gives a complete rejuvenated skin with less signs of the marks. The treatment is well planned by the in-house Dermatologist to ensure that the entire process is hassle free.

The process might take 20-40 minutes depending on the total treatment area. The treatment can be clubbed with a numbing cream to ensure the procedure is painless. There is a downtime for the same and the Dermatologist, will explain the same during the procedure. A detailed after care is explained to the client to ensure the results last long. Timely follow up and treatment plan is necessary for a long lasting and most effective results. Multiple sessions are advised to scars that have been there for a long time.

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