Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

The most popular service at the O'Skin Clinic is the Permanent Hair Reduction. This helps in achieving a smooth flawless and renewed skin, which is every girls dream.

Unwanted hair on the body is the most pressing concern that every growing teenage girl suffers with. unlike the temporary solutions like waxing, shaving, and tweezing which not only hurts your skin, but also give rise to ingrown hair which later turn into a nightmare. Instead opt for the O'Skin's permanent hair reduction which is the one of the safest, best and economical solution for all your unwanted hair wooos.

The laser hair reduction ensures that only the precise results are achieved by targeting only the hair while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed rather it gives a rejuvenated skin. Each pulse that is delivered is targeted to the or group of follicles which helps in speeding the service time. Most clients see an amazing result in the first few sessions of lasers. Which makes laser treatments the most effective, safe and fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair.

The laser hair reduction can be safely done to the whole body with no exception to all sensitive areas too. The total number of sessions needed is determined by the in-house dermatologist based on your hair thickness and hair pigmentation.

As your sessions go on you can gradually see the number of hair follicles have reduced over a period of time. Since the lasers used will target the hair follicles and only the follicles that are active during the session will be treated. As part of the hair growth cycle at any given time there is only 30% of hair follicles that will be active therefore laser treatment will need multiple sessions to ensure near complete results.

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