Anti Hairfall Treatment

Hair loss now has become the most common concern in both men and women across the age group. The reasons for the same can be multiple, hereditary, stress, hormonal changes and the worse environmental conditions. On a regular basis 70-100 strands of hair loss is considered as normal as the regular process of hair growth cycle will ensure that the lost hair is regained back.

The concern starts when either the number of strands is more than normal or the lost hair is not regain in the regular hair growth cycle. This concern if not treated at a early stage may lead to balding. which will make it impossible to gain back the lost hair. Watching the hair fall and keeping a track of your lifestyle is the most important thing to do to ensure your crowning glory is always kept at its best.

At O'Skin there are an array of hair fall treatment options available based on the concern the Client walks in with. Starting from oral medications to topical medication and a range of services like PRP, Laser hair light therapy which is US FDA approved.

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