Dark Circles Removal Treatment in Hyderabad Madinaguda

Dark circles are a nightmare for anyone. These sagging, dark, lifeless skin under the eyes reveal a lot more than words. It can tell stories about your exhaustion, ageing, sleep deprivation, stress etc. Apart from these, it could also be a genetic condition called periorbital hyperpigmentation. Though fatigue and not resting enough could also be the cause of dark circles.

Further causes of dark circles under the eyes could be:
  •   Thyroid
  •   Anemia
  •   Acanthosis Nigricans
  •   Asthma or dust allery
  •   Familial Tendency

Early detection, proper diagnosis and treatment will definitely help a quick reversal of the effects of dark circles or under eye darkness. To begin with our in-house dermatologist could get you started with some topical applications to prep your skin for the treatments to be followed.

A combination of chemical peels, topical medication and lasers can help us treat the under eyes.

Treatment For Dark Circles:
  •   Under eye peel
  •   Oral and topical Medications as needed
  •   Botox
  •   Fillers
  •   Ndyag lasers

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