Best Melasma Treatment Clinics in Hyderabad

This is a gradually occuring brown irregular patches commonly found in the upper cheek, nose, forehead and lips. This condition is more common in Women. Especially during pregnancy, (called as “mask of pregnancy” or chloasma) or anyone who has been using oral contraceptives or anyone with major Harmonal changes. However this can also happen in men, which appears as freckle-like spots forming large brown spots on the skin.

This condition is again due to the over production of melasma in the dermis or epidermis layer. People which darker skin who have more melanocytes are prone to melasma than ones with lighter skin. Or People who tan easily are also more prone to melasma.

Exposure to sun in an uncontrolled or unprotected manner is the main reason for triggering melasma. While in the past there was no proven solution for the same, with advanced in technology and science, a qualified Dermatologist will be able to guide you in a proper skin care regime to ensure the effects of the same is reduced over time.

Only an dermatologist will be able to diagnose if the pigmentation is on the dermal or epidermal layer of the skin to ensure proper treatment plan is arrived at. A combination of peels based on the depth of the pigmentation along with oral medications and topical creams will be prescribed by the Dermatologist.

A sunscreen is a must use for any one to ensure there is maximum protection of the skin layers and keep it healthy. Regular and Religious use of Sunscreen is a must to ensure no reoccurance is kept minimal.

Avoiding Sun exposure will definitely help in the treatment of Melasma

A well laid treatment plan is successful only if the follow up of the said treatment is followed without fail.

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