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Freckles are the brown spots on your skin, seen in areas that are exposed to sun frequently. They are harmless they are formed because of over production of melanin. Freckles are commonly found on sun damaged skin and is more visible in case of lighter skin tones. They are predominately found on face or any other area which is more exposed to sun. They are found like clusters of concentrated melanin patches. They come from ultraviolet radiation stimulation.

Ephelides and solar lentigines are two types of freckles. Ephelides are usually caused due to over exposure to sun without any protection. The ultraviolet rays present in the sunrays cause these dark spots on face, neck, back, hands and legs which are often exposed to sun. This type of freckles are most commonly seen in people with lighter skin.

Solar lentigines are also caused due to sun damage however this can show up in people who are above the age of 40 years. They are also caused in dark skin tones, and with previous history in genetics or in case of oral contraceptive usage.

To avoid freckles a religious use of sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF. Irrespective of a sunny day or not regular use of sunscreen lotion is a must to ensure your skin stays healthy and young as ever.

Apart from this a well-informed and tailor made treatment plan will ensure that we can work on getting rid of the freckles at the best skin clinic in Hyderabad.

Treatment For Freckles
  •   Ndyag Lasers
  •   Light based laser treatments
  •   Topical and oral medication as prescribed by the Dermatalogist.
  •   A combination of Chemical Peels
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