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Founder Profile

Mrs Vinitha Reddy

Mrs Vinitha Reddy , the Founder-Director of O'Skin Clinic is a graduate of Science from the Osmania University in Hyderabad, Telangana.
Her 20 year vast experience in dealing dermatology along with cosmetology has helped her create and structure the O'Skin Clinic.

She started her journey with the Cosmetology industry as a manager at Anoo’s. With a growing passion for the subject and the industry, Mrs Vinitha Reddy attended a wide array of workshops to enhance her knowledge about skin, hair and other sectors relating to Cosmetology. In her experience, she handled multiple branches and services under a variety of categories under dermatology and cosmetology. Through this meticulous handling of all resources and operations, she expanded her knowledge about Cosmetology.

Dermatology Workshops:
Skin Aesthetics Workshop

The Skin Aesthetics Workshop allowed for a broader understanding of the deeper issues related to skin and how each issue could be resolved with top-notch technology and methodologies cultivated in the industry along with the best possible treatment plan for each problem.

Introduction to Dermatology Workshop

The Introduction to Dermatology and cosmetic Dermatology workshop gives a update on the current trends and how dermatology is changing the way we look at treating skin and hair concerns in the new age with the support of cutting edge technology.


The Trichology workshop gave a wide perspective on various available procedures and treatment plans for every possible concern related to hair.


Electrolysis is the one and only solution for the reduction of grey hair. Mrs Vinitha Reddy was part of an experienced group of trainers at a Training Centre set up for training unemployed young girls to ensure they are self-employed.


Mrs Vinitha Reddy has also received a full course completion certificate for Dermaplaning and has mastered the skill of Dermaplaning.

Mrs Vinitha Reddy started her Entrepreneurial journey in 2016 by starting a Franchise of Anoo’s at Madinaguda.

She later started working as an individual as the owner of O'Skin, her own brand.

With the intent of reaching out to maximum consumers who are looking for these services at the best possible price, Mrs Vinitha Reddy Started O'Skin on September 2, 2017. O'Skin is now a brand which caters to more than 20,000 + happy clients. With this, her journey has just begun. She twice a visionary with the aim to reach out to more consumers to deliver the best possible technology backed services for all her clients with O'Skin.

Our Vision Mission

To cater to every Client the best of services at the lowest possible price and best possible results!

Our Story

O'Skin to deliver the best smile ("Literaly") to every client who walks in.

Our journey started in catering to all skin, hair and salon services. In the transition we did a deep dive to understand the daily requirements of the Skin, Hair and when we spoke about letting a everlasting smile on our Clients face, we thought why not we deliver the real smile permanently on every client, and there comes the Dental team onboard to ensure we not just cater to skin and hair concerns but also ensure all your dental services needs are at one stop.

At O'Skin we believe in encouraging an eco-friendly and sustainable living. Every product used at O'Skin in throughly checked by our team of experts to ensure the same is followed at all give times. O'Skin has already spread smile to more than 15,000+ (and counting) Clients. O'Skin has been delivering service for all Skin and Hair related concerns at one stop along with Dental services. The team of Dermatologists on board are well experienced and have treated any and all concerns related to skin and hair. Our dental team consists of Orthodontist, Dental Surgeons and to cater to any and all dental services.

O'Skin has Thorough set protocols to follow for each and every service. The services at O'Skin are all tried and tested for efficacy. All the state-of-the-art equipements used at O'Skin are USFDA approved. All Skin and Hair services are performed and monitored by an MD Dermatologist.

We are good at what we do!

A Beautiful skin is everybody's dream. At O'Skin, we make these dreams come true with the best of the services clubbed with the best technology, best exerience and most of all at an unbelievable price. Skin care is more than just a regime to be followed, it is your complete lifestyle. At O'Skin, we ensure we do a complete analysis of your lifestyle before the root cause is identified and the treatment plan is designed as per the concern, your requirement and the after care that goes with each treatment. After all the investment you have made today to your skin needs to keep showing results for as long as possible. The after care for any treatment plan is equally important for a thoroughly thought out treamtment. The treatments at O'Skin are all well designed to ensure it addresses the root cause and with a well-designed treatment plan and schedule will ensure the conern to do not come back. As long as the after care is followed religiously and a maintenance session is taken on a regular basis to ensure the up keep of your skin.