Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

The wisdom tooth, often known as the third molar, is the final tooth in the dental arch. It grows from the age of 17 to 28 years of age mostly.

It does not erupt regularly, but rather in spurts. Normally there are four wisdom teeth one in each quadrant, but it is very possible to have any wisdom tooth missing. Impacted teeth affect other teeth during the erupting stage. The direction and depth of impaction, the amount of available space for tooth eruption, and the amount of soft tissue or bone that covers them are all used to classify wisdom teeth that are impacted.

What Causes Wisdom Tooth Pain?

  •   Pain in the tooth. The pain may be radiating to the ear and head.
  •   Infection of the soft tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth on several occasions.
  •   Tumors or cysts.
  •   If the wisdom tooth has become lodged in the jawbone.
  •   Pericoronitis
  •   Angulated or horizontal eruption of the tooth.
  •   Damage to nearby teeth.
  •   Gum disease.
  •   Extensive tooth decay.
  •   Trismus
  •   Repeated cheek bite

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth

  •   Pain
  •   Redness of the tissue.
  •   Swelling
  •   Along with the tissue that covers the wisdom tooth, there may be pus or inflammation.
  •   Bad breath.
  •   Enlarged lymph nodes.
  •   Inability to open mouth.

Treatment of Wisdom Tooth

At O'Skin, the best Dental clinic in Madinaguda, the wisdom tooth extraction process is made simple and relatively painless. If an individual is having any of the above signs and symptoms, along with a proper diagnosis done by the best dentist at O'Skin Clinic, the patient is first aligned with the process to understand the entire alignment of the tooth and the causes and effects of its removal. If the eruption pattern is favorable but the tooth is impacted below the soft tissue it is treated by operculectomy. It could be manual or by laser. If the tooth is tilted or if there is any cyst, tumor, or infection, the wisdom tooth is removed surgically under anesthesia to ensure a painless experience.

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