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What is Smile Designing?

Smile designing is a dental procedure that uses art to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile with straighter, whiter teeth. At O'Skin we create smiles which last forever.

Key Principles for Smile designing

Tooth Texture and Characterisation

Males have square-shaped, larger teeth than females, according to studies. Females have smaller teeth with rounded incisal edges. For both men and women, our artistic dentist produces an appropriate smile.

Hue, Chroma, Value, Translucency

When building a smile that matches the colour of existing natural teeth, it's critical to choose the proper shade of teeth

  •   Hue is the synonym used for the colour/shade of the tooth.
  •   Chroma refers to the degree of intensity or saturation of teeth’ colour.
  •   Value is the relative lightness (brightness) or darkness of the hue.
  •   Value is represented in three dimensions via transparency.
Golden proportion

The two front teeth form a Golden Ratio with their height and width, i.e., their width should be about 70 per cent of their height. Designing a smile within Golden proportion is a crucial part of smile designing, and our cosmetic dentist at Oskin, the best dental clinic in Madinaguda has worked wonders for there have been hundreds of patients who have chosen to have their smiles customized.

What are the procedures under smile designing/smile makeover?

A smile makeover at O'Skin is carefully chosen based on the clients’ requirements and this procedure is performed to improve one’s smile by any of the following cosmetic dental procedures:

Dental Veneers/Laminates/Lumineers

Dental veneers are thin shells that are bonded over existing teeth to improve the shape, size, and colour of the teeth, resulting in a more attractive smile. The most common problems these cosmetic veneers can correct are chipped teeth, cracked and discoloured teeth, misaligned teeth, and gaps between teeth. Dental Veneers protect the majority of the tooth structure by only removing 0.5 mm of enamel for bonding.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are used if you have severely worn-down teeth or unnatural-looking old crowns, yellow and discoloured teeth, or for significant changes in your teeth alignment. In smile makeovers, zirconia crowns are commonly utilized to create a natural-looking smile.

Dental Implants

Gaps between teeth caused by missing teeth, particularly in the front tooth region, might lead a person to smile consciously. Dental implants are now widely used to replace single or multiple missing teeth, as well as all of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth discolouration can be caused by a variety of factors, including smoking/tobacco, excessive tea/coffee use, certain beverages, trauma, and ageing.

Composite bonding

Tooth-coloured composite material is directly bonded to the teeth to replace old, discoloured fillings, fill in cracks, or repair chipped teeth. This composite material is sometimes utilised to fill in gaps or give the tooth a more appealing shape and contour.

Invisible Aligners

Many people complain of maligned, crooked teeth but don’t want to undergo standard braces due to aesthetic concerns. With all of the developments in aesthetic dentistry, invisible aligners for teeth alignment have become increasingly popular. An invisible aligner is a clear plastic aligner created of a special thermoplastic substance that slowly pushes the teeth into the proper position to correct the alignment. Teeth alignment with an undetectable aligner not only improves the appearance of the teeth but also improves their function.

Gummy smile correction/Gum Contouring

Patients with excessive gum development over their teeth often smile with a gummy smile, in which their gums protrude from their teeth. The level of the gums can be uneven at times, which can make it difficult to smile.

What are the indications for smile designing?

  •   Crooked teeth can be straightened with invisible aligners if they are aligned properly. Our dentist may recommend porcelain veneers for rapid results.
  •   Cracked, Chipped, or worn teeth: Depending upon the extent of damage, teeth can be repaired using dental crowns, and dental veneers.
  •   Stained / Discoloured teeth: Stained or discoloured teeth affect the aesthetics and confidence of an individual; this can be treated with Oral prophylaxis or Teeth whitening
  •   Gaps between teeth and malalignment: Apart from being unsightly, the gaps between teeth can also lead to functional problems. Dental veneers, composite resin bonding procedures, and invisible braces can all help.
  •   Missing teeth: Missing teeth, particularly in the smile line, can have a significant impact on a person's beaming smile. Dental implants or bridges can be used to fill up empty gaps in the dental arch.
  •   Tooth texture and characterisation: Our dentist may recommend characterising the teeth with dental veneers or crowns to make the teeth look more feminine or masculine.
  •   Inability to open mouth.

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