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Abc's of Laser Hair Removal Treatment and What Surrounds It?

Unlike waxing or shaving, which removes the unwanted hair temporarily and to do so, it tears apart the hair follicles from the skin and grows back within a month. In contrast, Laser hair removal uses, concentrated, pulsed beams of light that target the active hair follicles and darker hair and allow the pigment in the follicles to absorb and get destroyed, giving a lasting effect. Here at O’Skin, we have achieved the best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Hyderabad by treating more than 5-6 thousand of patients and the count still goes on.

Conveniences you endure for/after Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

It is convenient as it does not have any side effects like:

  1. Dry skin
  2. Ingrown hairs
  3. Razor cuts
  4. Waxing burns

It is less time-consuming ranging from minutes to a few hours depending upon the treatment area. It allows the clients to have each session every week for 2-3 months maximum. This is all done to negate the potential side effects like:

  • Swelling
  • Blistering
  • Pigmentation
  • Pain

For extremely sensitive skin, the laser intensity is checked before treating the full area, along with suggesting the application of numbing cream to reduce the inflammation. However the results will still remain the same.

It is advised to book your appointment at regular intervals keeping in mind there is full hair growth to ensure that the session is fruitful. In between the sessions if there is any occasion and if you would want to choose another option to temporarily remove the hair, you can choose to shave the area in the direction of hair growth and not the opposite. This shall let you avail the best results from Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Hyderabad.

Laser hair reduction treatment can be done to all areas including:
  • Face
  • Underarm
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Private sensitive areas

Sensitive areas like bikini, and large areas, the treatment in general is performed with bearable pain and all in all pain presentation is like a rubber band snapped on your arm.

To ensure you experience no pain:
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get appropriate sleep and
  • Make sure to ask for topical anesthesia (If needed)
Prior treatment preparations:
  1. Avoid waxing and tweezing your unwanted hair
  2. Do not shave the area
  3. Avoid sun exposure
  4. Keep skin fresh and do not apply any kind of chemical-based products
After treatment protocols:
  1. Wear loose fitting clothes
  2. Take lukewarm showers
  3. Minimize irritation through itching after the treatment
  4. Do not exfoliate the treated areas for ingrown hairs
  5. Avoid:
    1. Sun exposure
    2. Avoid prolonged physical exercise
    3. Avoid sauna, hot tubs, and sun tanning beds
    4. Avoid chemical-based products on the treated sites

Each skin and hair type is unique and we thrive and zero-up for our clients and zero out the unwanted hair and that’s our mission. With cutting-edge laser technology and a US-FDA-approved equipment’s, we provide safe treatments for all skin types. Because we know a bunch of thick hair looks good on your head and not elsewhere!

The treatment will last for a few months depending upon the skin and hair types of the client, however giving you a permanent result. So, go ahead and plan to wear your favorite clothes at any given time without worrying about waxing and shaving. Consult our experts for further information.

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