An Upgraded Permanent Solution for Your Skin


An Upgraded Permanent Solution for Your Skin is here!

Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation – is caused by the synthesis of enzymes (tyrosinase) in the special cell compartment called the melanosomes in melanocytes (cells) that are located at the very bottom layer of the skin and produce a pigment called ‘melanin’, thus giving them dark skin color, more the melanin more the skin pigmentation, in accordance to their genetic build-up. But its overproduction could lead to hyperpigmentation. The density by which the melanin is produced is based on the chemicals used, the amount of sun exposure, and the skin damage.

Skin Whitening Treatment

These procedures are the means through which our clients reduce their skin pigmentation and attain a whiter skin tone. It is also a remedy for often occurring skin problems such as freckles, scars, moles, age spots, birthmarks, etc. our clients immediately sought to whiten products like bleaching, fading, and chemical peels, that may contain glutathione. But we even assure you with our advanced Skin Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad like laser whitening treatments are the one-stop route to achieving a brighter skin tone.

Tips to consider before & after the treatment?
  • Book an appointment with a dermatologist and tell him/her exactly what kind of skin tone you have in mind. For instance, show them a picture of the person with the desired skin tone that you have in mind.
  • After consulting with both the dermatologist and plastic surgeon you decide on the option that you want basing on your health, requirements, and your feasibility, which ranges from a skin bleaching treatment to something as expensive as surgery.
  • You along with our dermatologists will plan out the recovery time which might range from a few weeks to months based on your treatment option.

Once overgrown with laser whitening treatment it welcomes a few side effects like bruising, skin dryness, sensitivity to sunlight, tightness, swelling, scarring, texture indifference, skin redness, and irritation. If you use harsh bleaching treatments, your skin becomes raw and ooze, forming crusts around the treated area. So, as per the advice of our expert dermatologists, the Skin Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad presented to you by O’Skin is risk-free!

Post-treatment make sure you regularly apply aloe vera gel or petroleum jelly to give a soothing and cooling effect, do not touch or pick the treated areas, take painkillers to reduce swelling, and apply sunscreen regularly to prevent darkening or sunburn because the skin becomes extremely sensitive.

Aside from being extremely expensive, skin whitening procedures are also very painful and we provide you with a precise regime to cope with the post-treatment uneasiness and also direct you towards a variety of skin whitening offers/packages and help you opt for the most feasible ones, for instance, our botox and hydra facial treatments offer, will aid you in making the right choice.

Some personal knick-knacks with our novel dermatologists:
  1. We would recommend the use of ice packs as they have the potential to improve blood circulation and help you get rid of the tired face, thus giving you a brighter, and healthier skin complexion, if you feel like using ice on your face to reduce the skin, as it gives you a wonderful peachy glow on your face if practiced daily.
  2. Adding certain food items in your diet that possess the best control of anti-pigmentation properties like Milk, Honey, Besan (gram flour), Turmeric, Yogurt, Potato, Aloe vera, Eggs, Tomato, Cucumber, Garlic, Walnut, Spinach, Lemon, Papaya, Apple, Avocado, Bananas, and Kiwi, are recommended to focus on these items to improve your skin tone.

There are many types of skin whitening treatments whose market demands range from 200/- to 60,000/- rupees in India. As the skin pigmentation once occurred last forever, we recommend you to go for the laser skin whitening treatment as it gives you a permanent solution to your skin pigmentation, and also any other management/treatment procedure only gives temporary results. But based on your skin type, skin tone, and your choice of treatments we at O’Skin provide the best Skin Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad.

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