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Hirsutism is excessive hair growth on the face or body on androgen dependent areas in women I.E ., in places usually seen in mens like upper lip, chin, chest, abdomen,or back are common areas. It is differ from the non-androgen dependent regions like scalp,eyebrows, eyelashes where in hypertrichosis.

Unwanted facial hair is usually the main concern to women. As, it is abnormal in society and this can causes severe distress or embrassment and affects psychologically . Hirsutism (androgen dependent areas in women) and hypertrichosis(generally excessive hair growth) are rarely caused by serious illness, and may be due to medical conditions.

In O’skin clinic our doctors will investigate and control body or facial hair by cosmetic methods. And will refer the patient to specialist to treat the underlying medical reson if necessary.

The body is completely covered with hair, except on lips, palms and sole of the foot. The hair which is covered on the body is very fine and soft which can not seen easily. There are two types of hairs:
1. terminal hairs coloured and thicker hair on the scalp, but also found on eyebrows, eyelashes, groin and under the arms(armpit).
2. vellus hair is fine and light, normally not coloured. These hair can become terminal hair in thepresence of male type hormones.

Womens and mens are having same number of hair follocels but the type of hair will be differ from each other. Usually womens also develop small amount of teststerone, which make hair grow thicker in groin, armpit areas, this happens in women after puberty. However, when there are higher level of male hormones in women, terminal hair can develop over the some part of the body like back, chest, legs, abdomen, chin, upperlip. This type terminal hair in female is not acceptable in society and psychologically.

Symptoms with excessive hair growth
• Greasy Skin
• Acne
• Menstrual cycle changes
• Decreased breast size
• Incrased muscle size
• Hair loss on scalp

In mild unwanted hair patients it is not related to any serious medical problems. When it is severe, it is related to irregular periods, or may be with any medical reasons.
• inherited/ familial
• polycystic ovary syndrome(pcos)
• medication( drug induced hirsutism)
• congenital adrenal hyperplasia
• benign and malignant tomors

O’skin Electro Ray Therapy with combination of super lasers, which are giving permenant solution for unwanted hair with very less pain .

Electrolysis Electro Ray Therapy can cause permanent hair loss,Electro Ray Therapy are gold insulated probes,which are very thin & used to insect into micro pores till roots of hair without damaging the skin .In this,Electro Ray Therapy technologies uses electrical current to damage individual hair follicals so they do not grow back .This needs multiple session of treatment to completely damage the hair follicles .No scaring may cause with Electro Ray Therapy .This is the most efficient method for all coloured hairs (dark,grey ,brown hairs) without any scars.

Laser photo epilation theraphy is the method for dark hair.Laser treatment damages individual hair follicles so they do not.

O’skin we would always plan treatment for more .Benefits with lesser pain with o skin laser treatment removal of hair is achievables painless with long standing results.Large area can be covered in very short time ,more efficient and advantages when compared to depilatories with laser treatment it can reaches any part of the body such as arms,underarm,legs, bikini line ,back &shoulder ,chest & abdamen.No infection and scaring .

Plans & Pricings

There are several factors that affect its cost. The main factor is the size of the treatment area. Generally, the larger the area, the higher the price. Don’t forget, we also offer discounted package prices.