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About pigmentation
Pigmentation can be caused by changes in the level of pigment melanin produced by melonocytes, the cells that manufacture pigment I n the skin or due to accumulation of pigments in the skin.
Pigmentation cab ne observed in different forms hyper and hypo pigmentation.
Hyper pigmentation
Darker patchy skin with raised melanin leads to hyper pigmentation. Melasma is the one of the commonly presenting case in the hyper pigmentation. It is nine times more seen in female than in males. Hyperpigmentation can be classified into superficial(epidermal), deep(dermal), mixed.

Causes: hormonal changes, menopause, oral contraceptive , mask of pregnancy,dermatits, eczema,post inflammatatory, following trauma, sun damage, skin irratation, and acne. Some time the cause remains idopathic ( unknown).

Hyperpigmentation is seen in centrofacial(bridges of nose,cheeks,lips symmetrically), peripheral(dark patches on fore head),extrofacial( arms, forehead, cervical and sternal)this may be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Exposure to sunlight leads to hyperpigmentation. There are 2 types of rays uva and uvb radiations. Uvb radiations mainly leads to sunburns. Uva rays can deeply penerates into dermis and tirggers the melanoytes and leads to raise in melanin that leads to hyperpigmentation.That is efecting the blood vesselsnd leading premture ageing.

Uva rays may also emits from indoor lights also which effects the skin as the sun exposure and leads to darker patches on skin like face, back shoulders and arms.

This require broad spectrum of sunscren to protect from uva rays which acts like a screen to the skin. Based on the severity of the pigmentation o’skin doctors will recommened the treatment which will be in combination of chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, super lasers and professional medi facials.

Approach to pigmentation
Here, we o’skin team we approach through correct analysis, towards condition deep to root cause of pigmentation, and in treating and controlling further pigmentation. This need special care which goes with guidance of treatment from expert team and to control more symptoms suggested with life style modification. All the combination of analysis, tratment, home care regime, we can make free of darkspots, pigmentation, tanning, agespots can be cleared.

O’skin pigmentation protocol is designed with complete analysis, combination of treatment for dark spots, tanning, pigmentation with advanced technologies like chemical peeling,super lasers, microdermabrasion, professional medi facials and with personalised home care regiem.

Microdermabrasion is truly a break time procedure, which is performed with a high pressure stream of crystals with multiple exfoliating facets on each surface are delivered on the skin epidermal layer which remioves dead skin that lightens the dark spots and removes the tanning.

Chemical peeling in o’skin clinic range of natural, synthetic and blended skin peels can be used to treat, spots, tanning, freckles, sundamage skin, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots, darkened elbows. The professional glycolic peel strength to reduces the effected area and our o’skin combination clarity peels gives the pigmentation free skin.

Super laser photo rejuvenation are successful endpoint of melasma mild to moderate. This is achieved by light absorptoin in the melanin of the molted pigmentation and oxyhaemoglobin in the fine blood vessels of general redness or broken capillaries.

Q-switched lasers have also been targets on melanin present in the dark spots using an invisible beam of light. As it is beam of light which is targeted on the particular spotted melanin so there will be no effect on the surrounding skin. The beam light target pigments that absorbs the laser energy and is dispersed and absorbed by body results in lighten the spots and breaks the pigments and gives even tone finally.

There is no down time required only reguired 15 -20 mins of time .Individual session taken about 6-8 session depends on depth of the condition for optimum results.

Professional medi facials for lightening & detan
O’skin medifacials target to bring back to normal condition with removing tan.
Medifacials starts with cleanser botanical cleanser ,o’skin gentle exfoliator,o’skin active treatment serum,o’skin active botanical imfusion cream masque and lastly deep pemetrating self –heating herbab fused masque.

This enlight the complesion of skin ,give it a beautiful glow that is free from the pollution effects of sun exposure.

Home care regime
A good home care regime is mandatatary maintain the result of treatment with broad septum of sunscreen lotion.

Plans & Pricings

There are several factors that affect its cost. The main factor is the size of the treatment area. Generally, the larger the area, the higher the price. Don’t forget, we also offer discounted package prices.