Moles Removal

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Moles Removal

Warts are extremely common and people suffer from one or more at some point during their life. But, it cosmetically ill.

Warts are result of infection with the dna human papillomas virus (hpv). Transmission is by direct contact with the virus , in either living skin or fragments of shed skin, and is encouraged by trauma and moisture.

Commonly warts appear intially as smooth, skin- coloured papules. As they enlarge their surface becomes irregular and hyperkeratolic producing the typical warty appearance. They are most common on the hands but may also be seen on face, genitalia and sun exposed surfaces of arms and legs. Multiple warts are common. Plantar warts (on feet) may be painful.

Types of warts:
Mosaic warts – mosaic like plaqus
Plane warts – smooth, flat- top pappules seen most on the face, back and hands
Facial warts – filiform

Approach towards removal of warts
O’skin treatment in warts removal are based on destruction of keratinocytes. This is deal with electro desiccation. In o’skin we remove with the help of radio frequency cautery euipment.

The technique of radio surgery involves the passage of high frequency radio wavwes(3mhz) through soft tissue to cut, coagulat or remove the tissue. Soft tissue resistance to these radiowaves causes the cellular water in the soft tissue to heat, which produces steam and results in cellular molecular dissolution of individual tissue cells.

Advantages of rf treatment are minimum heat with no charing results in least tissue damage. Pinpoint cutting capability.

Plans & Pricings

There are several factors that affect its cost. The main factor is the size of the treatment area. Generally, the larger the area, the higher the price. Don’t forget, we also offer discounted package prices.