A Team of experts at O’Skin offers perfect Threading and it is an unique Hair removal Technique where antibacterial cotton is used in a special method to remove facial hair and shape Beautifull Eyebrows.

Our Threading method is the way Pain less than other Unwanted Hair Removal Methods and Hair can be removed individually to create a perfect shape of eyebrows it picks up all the hair on the surface even fine and short hair also can be removed
O’Skin provides a Safe & sanitary Procedure getting Hair Free Smoothen Silky Skin and is a Popular Method where hair is removed from the roots for long lasting Results.

Also available in Different kinds of waxing procedures according to the skin sensitivity and by using only Disposable materials with less Pain and this wax can applied to the skin and clings to the hairs, when wax is removed procedure is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin.
A team of experts can analyze the skin and offers a special Bleaching service and Skin Bleaching is the ultimate method designed for skin lightning and improving the skin complexion
Manicure & Pedicure a Hygiene Method to Maintain Healthy Nails of Hands & Feet

Our range of services is also very relaxing and therapeutic experience, Also available in Different kind of therapeutic procedures
Body Spa is way of getting taken care of that is psychologically and physically, spa is a treatment for our whole body, they cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft,Also an expansive range of Body care treatments like Aroma Theraphy, Natural Fruit Body Theraphy , Hydra Theraphy & Body Radiance Theraphy gives us stress reduction and relief soothing sore joints and muscles and simply feeling better and healthy
O’SKIN offer a wide range of Medi Facials for all skin needs, A team of Experts analyze the skin and offer service need for beauty of your skin like Medi Facial for acne, Medi Facial for Pigmentation, MediFacial for Skin whitening, MediHydra Facial for skin Nourishment, MediLED Theraphy facial for Anti ageing and Medioxygen facial therapy with the latest technology.

Plans & Pricings

Choose a plan that works for you!


  • Eye Brows25
  • Upper Lip25
  • Chin25
  • Forehead30
  • Sidelocks50
  • Full Face150


  • Regular/Greenapple/Dark Chocolate/Strawberry/Aloevera
  • Full Hands200/ 300/ 300/ 300/ 300
  • Half Hands150/ 250/ 250/ 250/ 250
  • Full Legs300/ 400/ 400/ 400/ 400
  • Half Legs200/ 300/ 300/ 300/ 300
  • Full Back400/ 500/ 500/ 500/ 500
  • Full Front400/ 500/ 500/ 500/ 500
  • Bikini Line400/ 500/ 500/ 500/ 500
  • Forehead70/ 100/ 100/ 100
  • Chin50/ 70/ 70/ 70/ 70
  • Upper Lip50/ 70/ 70/ 70/ 70
  • Side Locks50/ 70/ 70/ 70/ 70
  • Full Face150/ 250/ 250/ 250
  • Full Body1500/ 2000/ 2000/ 2000/ 2000
  • Bikini Wax2000/ 2500/ 2500/ 2500


  • Face & Neck300
  • Face, Neck & Blouse Line500
  • Full Body2000
  • Full Back500
  • Full Front500
  • Full Hands500
  • Full Legs600
  • Half Hands300
  • Half Legs500
  • Under Arms100
  • Upper Lip50
  • Sidelocks70
  • Feet Bleach150

Hands & Feet

  • Pedicure
  • Regular Pedicure450
  • Aroma Pedicure750
  • Chocolate Pedicure750
  • Rose Pedicure750
  • Strawberry Pedicure750
  • Aloevera Pedicure750
  • Wine Pedicure1000
  • French Pedicure500

  • Manicure
  • Regular Manicure400
  • Aroma Manicure650
  • Chocolate Manicure650
  • Rose Manicure650
  • Strawberry Manicure650
  • Aloevera Manicure650
  • Wine Manicure900
  • French Manicure450